Our goal at SHILLR is to promote & elevate high-quality artwork & projects to the NFT ecosystem while allowing artists, brands & teams to focus on their craft. SHILLR does this by assisting with strategy, project development, promotional marketing, smart contract deployment & website creation. Our aim is to uplift both the artist & the community by selectively promoting authentic, high-quality projects that focus on longevity and innovation in the NFT space.

Opportunity Assessment /

A series of collaborative, strategic consults with the SHILLR team:

Focusing on understanding the details of your project and setting an actionable course for success. We’ll work with you to determine your goals, needs and motivations in order to maximize our collective output. The outcome of the opportunity assessment will result in a detailed plan of the services SHILLR can provide to help you meet and exceed your goals.

  • 1-Hour Initial Intake and Targeted Questionnaire to Assess Fit

  • Project Roadmap (Including Deliverables, Timeline and Costs)

  • 2-Hour Final Consult to Review the Roadmap and Launch Strategy

Comprehensive Marketing /

SHILLR will provide a detailed marketing plan specific to your project's needs:

  • Social Media Management and Posting

  • Strategic Influencer Partnerships

  • Twitter Spaces & Clubhouse Room Promotion and Hosting

  • NFT Giveaways

  • Metaverse Events

  • Custom POAP NFTs

  • Third Party Podcasts

  • SHILLR Newsletter Spotlight

  • Copywriting (Medium, Substack, etc.)

Community Management /

SHILLR can provide comprehensive administrative services to set up your community:

  • Discord Setup and Management

  • Collab.Land setup for gated Discord channels and assigning roles

  • Email newsletter setup

  • Community giveaways

Custom Smart Contract Build /

SHILLR and contracted solidity devs will provide you with the best smart contract build for your project

This includes building, testing and providing support during and post-launch.
Website Creation & Design: Our in-house UI/UX designer and web developer will help you create a memorable web experience for your collectors and community members. These services may include:


  • Website Development

  • Web3 Compatibility and DApp Creation

  • Advanced UI/UX Design and Audit

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