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We are Hume

Hume is a project focusing on the overlap of music, digital identities, and storytelling within the metaverse. By bringing the spotlight to their artists and the lore of their origins The Hume Collective has painted a captivating experience for engaged fans and collectors through community focused initiatives. Their first artist, Angelbaby, recently released their debut single, "NFT", which speaks on the NFT culture and absolutely SLAPS! Be prepared, The Hume Collective needs your help for what's to come. we are hume. we are many.

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Shillr meets with artists & project teams to discuss a project roadmap and our verification process. Both parties align on pricing, total supply and a promotional strategy.

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Standardized Verification

Our robust standardization process ensures that the artists & projects that we promote have met our criteria to deliver a world-class NFT. Shillr also verifies the legitimacy of each smart contract. This means no rug-pulls or false promises.

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Our team will promote each NFT via social media campaigns to drive awareness and community engagement. Promotional strategies are decided via the consultation process and executed by the Shillr team.

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Non-Fungible Fungi

The Non-Fungible Fungi are a kingdom of 10,000 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mushroom falls into 1 of 3 species, Magic, Mire-able and Bog (standard) with Magic being the rarest and Bog being the most common. The Genesis Mushroom provide us with the grandfather traits, from there we have a multitude of different traits ranging in both rarity and looks which make up the 10,000 generative collection.

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Doodle Labs

Doodle Labs brings traditional artists & brands to the blockchain via Art Blocks' generative minting technology and plans to drop new collections once a month. The Family Mooks are the genesis token for Doodle Labs, which are a dis-organized crime family based on Brokeland who created an army of Mooks to defend against rival gangs. All NFT collections to launch on Doodle Labs are fully on-chain and generated at mint.

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The future of digital assists is reliant on quality control in an environment that is rampant with scams and short term projects. By facilitating genuine community growth and engagement through personalized marketing strategies our goal is to rescind the spotlight from cash-grabs ripe with FOMO and low effort influencer driven projects and highlight long term investments by educating our clients and their respective community

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Our belief is that creators and artists alike are far too often overlooked due to the sheer amount of shilling within the NFT community. We aim to bring projects to the forefront by accentuating key components and providing a voice that resonates with potential customers.

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SHILLR's team is 100% crypto-native and heavily involved in the NFT community

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My Rugema

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Bernardo Cafe

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