Our goal at SHILLR is to promote & elevate high-quality artwork & projects to the NFT ecosystem while allowing artists, brands & teams to focus on their craft. SHILLR does this by assisting with strategy, project development, promotional marketing, smart contract deployment & website creation. Our aim is to uplift both the artist & the community by selectively promoting authentic, high-quality projects that focus on longevity and innovation in the NFT space.

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POAP - the Proof of Attendance Protocol - enables a new way of keeping long-lasting records of life experiences. A POAP is a digital collectible created as an NFT and powered by the blockchain. SHILLR is supporting POAP to grow their footprint by on-boarding both native and non-native crypto users and projects through the use POAPs in experimental ways such as virtual and IRL events.

Degen'$ Farm

Degen'$ Farm is a project bridging the utility of NFTs with the world of DeFi. Through acquiring land and a creature users can "farm" their creatures over a one week staking period with a chance of either receiving $DUNG (a liquidity token), or upgrading their creature from a "normie" to "chad" with the ultimate goal of obtaining a "degen". Degen'$ Farm staking system has created an easy to use tool for developing DeFi skills for any level user.


Spottie Wifi

Spottie WiFi dropped their genesis NFT album through a mystery mint process. Each minted track gave collectors access to 1 of 31 songs, 7 of which were included in the album and 24 of which were "hybrid editions" of the single "I'm Spottie". Collectors also received a physical download, the option to claim a physical vinyl of the album, limited IP rights and voting stake in Spottie's career. SHILLR helped promote Spottie's drop which sold out in less than 1 minute.

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